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PHARMATEST E 300 / Buy Testosterone Enanthate 300

PHARMATEST E 300 / Buy Testosterone Enanthate 300
Product Code: 4958954
Price: $67.00

The Pharmatest E 300 is composed of endogenous androgens which basically are C-19 steroids. Testosterone is a type of primary androgen.  These endogenous androgens are the reason why an individual grows naturally along with the male sex organ development such as growth of prostate gland, penis, seminal vesicles etc. It is also required for the secondary sexual characteristics maintenance for instance growth of chest hair, thickening of vocal cord laryngeal enlargement etc. Besides these primary function this drug also helps in anabolism of protein, hence helps in muscle growth and development. It also helps to retain sodium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. While under the steroid, your body also excretes less calcium while urinating.