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PHARMATEST C 250 / Buy Testosterone Cypionate

PHARMATEST C 250 /  Buy Testosterone Cypionate
Product Code: 4870414
Price: $67.00
The Pharmatest C 250 is an intramuscular injection, which helps in improving muscle weight of your body. It contains oil solution ester of testosterone, testosterone cypionate. This hormone is basically androgynous in nature, which means it is responsible for the development of sex organs in males and overall body growth in them. Besides that it helps in nitrogen retention along with retention of sodium phosphorus, and potassium. It reduces catabolism of protein along with hiking protein anabolism and hence helps to decrease muscular degeneration. It also helps in excretion of calcium through your urine. Growth in the number of RBC is also facilitated by this hormone, which all in all helps in protein synthesis, hikes your appetite and hence helps you grow faster.