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PHARMASTAN 50 - Buy Winstrol Injectable

 PHARMASTAN 50 - Buy Winstrol Injectable
Product Code: 8653523
Price: $65.00

If you are searching for a weight management alterative, Stanozolol based Pharmastan50 is a fantastic alternative.  Stanozolol basically is an anabolic steroid with 17 alpha alkylate with oral bioavailability. Although its androgenic activity index is almost as similar as testosterone, however stanazolol’s myotrophic activity is quite higher than that of testosterone at 2.0-3.7.  Another great thing about this steroid is that it doesn’t cause any sort of water retention, hence no bloating whatsoever.

This steroid has been used in HIV patients for years together for weight loss management, especially for ones with obstructive pulmonary disease of chronic nature. This has shown substantial improvement is the muscle size, LBM, BMI or body mass index and weight of the patient. It also hikes the synthesis of collagen.