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PHARMAPRIM 100 - Buy Primobolan

PHARMAPRIM 100 - Buy Primobolan
Product Code: 7906230
Price: $89.00

Pharmaprim 100 is quite rich in methenolone enanthate which is a DHT or dihydrotestosterone derivative and showcases a slight mycotrophic activity index of about 0.85. It is found in injectable form and has quite a mild androgenic index of 0.12. One thing common with steroids is that individuals experience strong side effects of the same; however, it is quite different in case of Pharmaprim 100, since methenolone hardly has any side effects whatsoever.

Since it is mildly androgenic in nature, it doesn’t restrict the secretion of endogenous testosterone. Methenolone in smaller doses doesn’t suppress the HPTA or hypothalamic-pituitary axis, with increased doses, it sure can get suppressive. The half life dose of the steroid is around 5 days, and you will notice your body getting transformed for good in no time at all.