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PHARMANAN P 100 - Buy Deca NPP

PHARMANAN P 100 - Buy Deca NPP
Product Code: 8852991
Price: $77.00

Pharmanan P 100, a popular choice among body builders consist of active ingredient Nandrolone phenylpropionate, which is an AAS or an injectable nature. This anabolic androgenic steroid is usually used to manage renal insufficiency anemia and is used to improve the level of hemoglobin as well as mass of red blood corpuscles. It doesn’t affect your prostrate since the steroid cannot be converted into DHT via5-alpha reductase. Instead nandrolone converts into dihydronandrolone.

One major concern most body builders or athletes might have is whether nandrolone converts in estrogen or not. Well, it does not! It promotes muscle growth courtesy through its tremendous mycotrophic activity. It doesn’t have any side affect on your liver and you can be rest assured that the steroid will affect your body by increasing its muscle mass.