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PHARMANAN 300 - Buy Deca Durabolin 300

PHARMANAN 300 - Buy Deca Durabolin 300
Product Code: 2757607
Price: $99.00

Also called Deca Pharmanan 300 consists of a 19 Nor compound and basically shares all characteristics similar to that of one. Nevertheless, one factor which is unique to just this steroid Deca, is the magic it has delivered time and again for the last 25 years. This drug can be consumed in dose ranging between 100 and 2000 mgs per week for fantastic results.

The drug is also quite recommended in Ungroud Steroid Handbook by Dan Duchaine along with in number of his other writings. This drug is quite a popular choice among athletes to increase their lean body mass by means of hiked protein synthesis. The steroid increases your appetite and hence you consume more thus leading to a fitter and healthier body type.