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PHARMABOL 100 - Buy Injectable Dianabol

PHARMABOL 100 - Buy Injectable Dianabol
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Price: $62.00

Dianabol is the main ingredient of Pharmabol 100 and is fantastic steroid which hikes protein metabolism in body. Derived out of testosterone, Methandienose has quite strong androgenic and anabolic properties. It hikes protein metabolism of body and hence improves the protein synthesis. The effect is that a positive balance in body nitrogen is created, which leads to body protein build up and finally leads to increase in the skeletal body mass.

Besides this basic property, Methandienose also acts as a catalyst to improve the sense of feeling healthy. Now, Dianabol sure is one of the highly effective steroids used globally for body mass increasing and is much popular among athletes to improve their performance. It can help in as much as 3-4 pounds of weight gain every week.